About the System

Cambridge has a ranked choice system, which might be different than what you’re used to. See our interactive presentation on the right to learn more about Ranked Choice Voting.

Other resources

How to Register and Vote

Read more from the Massachusetts Elections Division

Registration (deadline Oct. 18)

Although there was a recent court decision against Massachusetts's registration deadline, it seems unlikely that same-day registration will be implemented for this election season. That means you should register to vote before the original deadline — October 18th.

There are a couple of ways to register:

  • If you have a valid driver’s license, learner’s permit, or non-driver ID issued by Massachusetts, you can register online.
  • If you do not, you must register by mail or in person — details here.

Voting Absentee

You must fill out the absentee form and turn it into the Clerk’s office. You can turn it in by mail, in person, by fax, or as a scanned attached to an email by 12 p.m. on the day before the election:

Election Commission

51 Inman ST, First Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617-349-4361 Fax: 617-349-4366
Email: elections2@cambridgema.gov

Voting In person

  • Look up your polling location here.
  • On November 7th, go there and vote!
  • An ID is not usually required, but sometimes it is — bring one if you have it, just in case.

Note: early voting is not available for municipal elections in Massachusetts!