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Sean Tierney

Sean Tierney grew up in Cambridge and is a graduate of CRLS, UMass Amherst, and Suffolk Law.

Sean Tierney has not run for office before. He was a delegate to the Massachusetts Democratic Convention for ward 9 in 2014. Locally, he began volunteering as a coach to the CRLS football team last summer.

Professionally, he works for the Massachusetts House of Representatives as a Legal Counsel, currently for the Joint Committee on Housing. Prior to getting his law degree, he worked for the Kennedy School.


Research Director & Legal Counsel for the Joint Committee on Housing at the Massachusetts Legislature
UMass - Amherst; Suffolk University Law School
Rents at 12 Prince Street, Apt. 6 Cambridge, MA 02139
Valued at approx. $550,000
34 years, 5 months
Born in 1985
Voter Registration
July 22, 2005


Climate Green Cambridge
Arts Mass Creative
Harvard Harvard Square Neighborhood Association
Biking Cambridge Bike Safety
Housing ABC Candidate 2017 Survey
Housing CRA Candidate Questionnaire


I'm the only candidate who works in housing policy.

Sean Tierney, Backyard Cambridge Podcast

Density bonuses are critical. Density=Diversity.

Sean Tierney, ABC survey answer

We should utilize Chapter 40R.

Sean Tierney


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$ 11,064.15


$ 30,220.29

Raised in 2017

$ 19,156.14

Spent in 2017

$ 0

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2017-05-17 $35 Young Democrats of Massachusetts PAC