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Dan Lenke

Dan Lenke has lived in Cambridge since 1968.

He is a first-time candidate for office and semi-retired. Before retiring, he owned and operated a moving company.


Owns at 148 Richdale Avenue Cambridge, MA 02140
Valued at approx. $640,000
Last sold April 30, 2017 for $100
72 years, 4 months
Born in New York in 1947
Voter Registration
May 24, 1979


Housing CRA Candidate Questionnaire


can see all that’s valuable in life is people. And that means nothing if we don’t respect people. And that’s the job of the City Council: to work with each other, because we’re different, and to work with all the resources of the city, of which there are multiple, and to work with universities, and to learn from other cities.

Dan Lenke, The Crimson Profile


Campaign Finance

$ 210.00


$ 1,130.00

Raised in 2017

$ 920.00

Spent in 2017

$ 0

Jan 1, 2017 Balance
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Total donations (less access fees): $698

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2015-12-31 $101 Bernie Sanders
2016-01-31 $101 Bernie Sanders
2016-02-17 $9 Bernie Sanders
2016-02-27 $9 Bernie Sanders
2016-02-29 $20 Bernie Sanders
2016-02-29 $101 Bernie Sanders
2016-04-30 $101 Bernie Sanders
2016-05-28 $28 Bernie Sanders
2016-05-31 $101 Bernie Sanders
2016-06-30 $101 Bernie Sanders
$26 Bernie Sanders

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