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Adriane Musgrave

A graduate of BU and BU School of Management, Adriane Musgrave has lived in the area since 2004.

Adriane Musgrave has not run for City Council before. In 2007, she interned for Senator John Kerry and she fundraised for the DNC. She is currently serving as Secretary on the board of Interise, a non-profit that educates and promotes small businesses and their owners to combat poverty.

Professionally, she is a management consultant.


Management Consultant
Boston University, Boston University Graduate School of Management
Owns at 5 Newport Road #1 Cambridge, MA 02140
Valued at approx. $680,000
Last sold Feb. 19, 2009 for $1
33 years, 10 months
Born in South Florida in 1985
Voter Registration
Sept. 11, 2013


Climate Green Cambridge
Harvard Harvard Square Neighborhood Association
Candidate Statement The Whistler 2017-10-01
Commuting Vision Zero Coalition
Biking Cambridge Bike Safety
Arts Mass Creative
Housing ABC Candidate 2017 Survey
Housing CRA Candidate Questionnaire


Enrico Moretti of UC-Berkeley: “Economic research on this topic is unanimous. There is no question that on net, adding more units tends to lower rents.” It is a regional problem and we need our neighboring towns to add their fair share of housing.

Adriane Musgrave, ABC survey


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$ 8,301.61


$ 33,731.89

Raised in 2017

$ 25,430.28

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$ 0

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